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Hi. My name is Claire. I’m 38 years old and on May 16 2018, I was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer in my right breast. I have since had a full mastectomy of my right breast only 1 month later. This website is being built as I go to share my journey and help educate others about not only (hopefully) healing and surviving… But the entire process from pre diagnosis to the present. I intend to build a guide for people that are navigating a confusing and overwhelming system. My goal is to bring more education to the world about the realities of cancer, how to have fun when the shit hits the fan, and how to make the best of a situation that you’d rather not be in. My hope is that through education and humour I can help people understand the process BEFORE they are blindly thrown into it. By describing what my process has been I hope to help you and your loved ones get through this as easily as you can. I will teach you everything I can that I have experienced myself to help you figure out how to listen to your own inner guide. Because knowing what I know now I truly believe it would have been easier if I had understood more things from the beginning. Learning the system while you actually have cancer is really difficult and overwhelming. And it is my intention to help bridge the gap between the medical cancer world and the world of the living. As a culture in North America we are so far removed from death and illness. We let fear win and we turn the other way. I am learning through having cancer that facing the fear and pushing through it feels a lot better on the other side. The fact remains that many people will get cancer. I naively thought it couldn’t possibly be me. There’s hardly any cancer in my family (but plenty of benign lumps) and most of the family cancers happened later in life. How wrong I was. Most of us will do so much better when faced with it if we understand it already rather than trying to understand when we already have it. I know that for some people it will just be too scary and overwhelming and that’s ok. Everyone needs to do whatever it takes to be alive and feel good in this crazy world. Some people still won’t want to look closer. And those people need to be supported in their choice too. But for those of you that do want to understand I encourage you to experience my journey with me.