Why I think my body did so well after surgery

Some thoughts on why my body did so well after surgery.. Naturally now I see all the ways I’d rather make the video better.. but I’ll expand it another time.. What I was opening the door to is not just the importance of eating well in a time of body need, but feeling good about what you’re eating. That’s the part I wish I had put in the video. For instance, I eat organic. But I don’t think everyone needs to eat organic. Alex doesn’t eat organic. There is plenty of evidence that the body can handle non organic food. But the reason I am doing it for myself is that it makes me feel good about what I’m eating. Because I’ve always struggled with eating non organic food. And when I switched to organic one of the first things I noticed is that I felt good about what was going in my mouth and that was important. Its the same reason I don’t want to eat meat. When I put an animal in my mouth I feel like an asshole with every bite. And that is no way to live and that’s no way to nourish yourself. So my diet flip flops all the damn time as I try to both eat well enough and feel happy about what I’m eating.. For some people the dietary changes I am following would be too hard. Or they would hate it. Some people really do hate vegetables.. So the missing piece to this video is the concept of feeling good about what you’re eating. Because stress eating organic restricted diet food that you hate is not really better than eating non organic carb food that you love. People who eat organic food get cancer too. Its important that you find what works for you. And its important to enjoy life and eat what makes you happy. Its so important to be happy and love the choices you make.


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